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Dear Dr. Moore,

Thank you so much for today! I have never had a doctor actually look through my paperwork and care! You seriously made my day!! You were so nice and settled all my nerves! It meant a lot! Thank you so much!

Thank you,

Patient 1


Dr. Krishnan,

On Monday, September 9th, my mother passed from this life to the next. She was prepared and ready to meet her Master!

There are no words to express my gratitude for the care you provided to my mother. Your gentle words coupled with compassion resonated with her and us that accompanied her to appointments.

We are ever so grateful to you for the way you delicately told her about her illness and diagnosis. Your truthful and honest words meant everything to her as she was preparing for the inevitable.

Please know that your treatment was more than doctoring, they were filled with the utmost concern for her health. My sincerest appreciation for the compassionate care and words of kindness that meant so much to us!


Patient 2


To Whom It May Concern:

When you usually hear it is time for your colonoscopy, you do not respond with a smile. It usually comes with great trepidation; I know I was very nervous about my first time. Well let me tell you it was a breeze. Even the prep wasn’t that bad. Dr. Krishnan and his team were great. It was truly an effortless procedure. I didn’t feel a thing, had zero side effects and didn’t even know the procedure had taken place.

Dr. Krishnan is great! He’s a Saint as far as I’m concerned.

I first met him at the ER for an emergency procedure. Thank goodness he was on call. He fixed me right up. I then scheduled my colonoscopy with him. (You know you like and trust a doctor if you schedule a colonoscopy right then and there!)

It’s with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Krishnan and his team.


Patient 3


When my family doctor recommended a colonoscopy based on my age, I was a little apprehensive about this invasive procedure.

The medical staff at Peak Gastroenterology were very professional and thorough, talking me through the necessary medical disclosures and my
personal health history.

I received comprehensive, yet easy to follow steps prior to my scheduled procedure that helped ease my anxiety.

On the day of my procedure, my paperwork was reviewed by the medical assistant and after a short wait, I was led to the prep room where
they recorded my vitals and answered my questions on the procedure.

Before the procedure, Dr. Krishnan reviewed the actual procedure and obtained my verbal and written permission to proceed.

The anesthesiologist was very professional and later, when I awoke, the doctor explained the results of the colonoscopy and the removal of
potentially pre-cancerous polyps that would have been troublesome, had they not been excised.

After the office had conducted the biopsies on the removed polyps, I received a follow up call from the doctor and a letter summarizing our
conversations and actual medical reports for my records.

I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderfully professional manner in which my dreaded procedure actually occurred and I would highly
recommend Peak Gastroenterology Associates to anyone scheduled for this and other procedures there!

Patient 4


Dear Jamie Thompson,

My appreciation for what you have done for us through this disease goes beyond what words can say. At every appointment, you have a great bedside manner. You are down to earth and a straight shooter. Ulcerative colitis is not an easily managed disease, much less for my husband with his engineering “can solve everything” mindset. Without you, there would be no success with ailment.

You go over and beyond to help. Not just with this recent infusion cost, also with returning phone calls and answering both of our questions. I’m so grateful for your willingness to speak to both of us when we have issues.

You are truly the best medical professional for us. We could not ask for a provider with better knowledge of ulcerative colitis, nor a more compassionate medical practitioner. Thank you for everything!

With great appreciation,

Patient 5


I would like to bring to your attention one of the nurses in your department; Beatrix Richard.

A month earlier I had 2 procedures done by Dr. Patel and he requested more labs and procedures to be done. So I drove all the way up to Colorado Springs from Alamosa for the ordered follow-up procedure, appointment and lab work and found out that there was some internal miscommunication and nothing was scheduled. Beatrix recognized my situation and took into consideration my wife and 2 kids I brought with me and the distance I had traveled and did everything she could to squeeze me into the system and get my lab and procedure taken care of. She was successful and made full use of my day and got everything scheduled before I had to be back to work in Alamosa the next day.

I felt like she was on my side and “fighting” for me as opposed to feeling like I was another “cow” being processed by the system. People like that make healthcare experiences good and personable. Please give her some recognition as she deserves it. Also give her a raise and chocolate.

Patient 6


A wonderful visit at a Doctor’s Office? Really?

YES, really!

After a life threatening surgery, I was weak and felt broken. My stomach felt like it was on fire and eating anything caused me debilitating pain. A month after my surgery, and still my stomach was as painful as ever. Something else was wrong and I knew it. I live in Larkspur so you have to drive 40 minutes to an hour to see a specialist. I knew I would have to see a doctor in the gastroenterology field but I didn’t have the strength to drive 40 minutes or more to see a doctor. I looked on the web and to my surprise, I found Castle Rock Gastroenterology. They are located at the new Castle Rock Adventist Hospital’s Alexander Building. I called and got an appointment the next day. It was so easy to get there and find the office.

I walked into a beautiful office that was warm and inviting with all the amenities. Khiana greeted me with her beautiful smile, she was so sweet and compassionate. My appointment was for 11:00 am and at 11:00 am, Dr. Krishnan’s medical assistant came over to me smiling, introduced herself, and escorted me back to the exam room. She took my vitals and asked pertinent questions about my symptoms, making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Krishnan came in to the exam room also introducing himself and shaking my hand. Dr. Krishnan spent quite a bit of time with me, asking a lot of questions about my symptoms while making notes. I never felt rushed. He explained what his plan was to find out what was causing this intense pain in the stomach area. I felt like I was his only patient and I had all of his attention. Dr. Krishnan truly cares about his patients and wants to help them get well. When I left the office smiling, I had renewed hope that I would get through this and I would be fine.

The entire staff of Castle Rock Gastroenterology was kind, compassionate, and caring. They really care about their patients. Warm, friendly, and caring people, on time appointments, a Doctor who really knows his specialty and has a plan to get you well. WOW, what a concept! I just didn’t go to an outstanding Doctor, I made new friends that are my support group. Their motto should be: “We are here when you need us.” Thank you to the entire staff of Castle Rock Gastroenterology.


Patient 7


Dear Dr. Krishnan:

I was referred to you months ago by my primary care physician, Dr. Sridhar Reddy, M.D., in whom I have a great deal of confidence; thus, my expectations of you were very high. In identifying the source of my internal difficulties, you were aggressive in your approach and motivated to positively resolve whatever problems existed. You were resourceful and tenacious. My impression was that you took my case on as a personal challenge and invested your talent and skill in successfully concluding my difficulty. I am convinces you give all of your patents that feeling.

Soon we identified the source of my malady and put together a total resource approach to its elimination. You were a very competent communicator with people skills that complimented your ability to competently deal with the problem. You have my many thanks.

Your support staff is well informed as to their obligations to both Peak Gastroenterology Associates, P.C., and the appropriate demeanor in which to assist patients. You and your colleagues are to be congratulated for the winning combination you have put together for your staff.

Jane, your Medical Assistant, is an exemplary individual who is a very capable staff member in facilitating the flow of information between you and your patients. Her light touch of humor and generally helpful attitude makes each office visit an informative and enlightening experience.

During my last office visit, I got inquisitive about you new “Peak Gastroenterology” website. Upon visiting you website, I was impressed with the simplicity of navigation on the site which flows nicely, making it easy for the most technologically challenged patient to benefit from the information therein.

The front end of the site provides the new patient with an introduction of “Peak Gastro’s” doctors and staff, your Vision Statement and offers a list of symptoms, diseases and procedures to assist in diagnoses. Maps of service site locations and the aforementioned orientation material all contribute to the lessening of the first-time patient’s anxiety, which will contribute to a more productive visit
and extended association.

My one suggestion would be that your “Associates” should be identified by name and position; i.e., “Jane – Medical Assistant.” This gives the “Associates” ownership in both the organization and its expressed vision. “I’m important enough to be recognized by name and position, and I’m important to the physicians who constitute the top of the organizational chart.” For the patient, they know who is responsible for different duties and who they can contact for assistance.

The Google maps and the narrative describe the geographic area Peak Gastroenterology is currently able to serve; Castle Rock south to Trinidad is quite an expanse to support with personnel and logistics capable of providing quality care.

Upcoming “Wellness Events” provide educational back-end information for the patient who wants to improve or just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your “Electronic Records” page gives the user an idea of who has custodial care of their personal medical information.

The website represents a work-intensive project well worth of many accolades. It is valuable to the patient at the beginning, middle and end of
their experience at Peak Gastroenterology Assoc., P.C. It is a comprehensive orientation of a dynamic organization. Its author should be more prominently identified at the end.


Patient 8


Hi Jamie,

You never met me. I am the mother of patient 9 who you helped.

I’m just writing to let you know how much I appreciate all yo did in getting patient 9 to the final step of having his gallbladder removed. The difference of his health after the surgery was remarkable. I saw him go from constant pain to none.

I so appreciate all you did to help him get the help he needed.You went above and beyond and this mother is truly grateful!

I pray that your Christmas is a blessed one!

Straight from my heart.


Mother of Patient 9


Dear Ms. Patel,

I have a been a patient of Dr. P. Krishnan for almost two years upon receiving a bile duct stent secondary to a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2013. During this time, I have required periodic ERCP procedures due to blockage of this stent.

My wife and I wish to express our appreciation for the extremely professional and caring assistance provided by Ms. Jane Anderson, surgical appointment technician. During times of stress as a result of the unpredictability of the stent blockage, Ms. Anderson has graciously worked with us to provide the fastest possible procedure dates. she has also been invaluable with her expertise with submission of Tricare authorization insurance requests.

Ms. Anderson’s concern for patients is apparent in her dedication to customer service and her positive attitude when dealing with the constraints of scheduling numerous patients over several hospitals, a unique trait that is truly appreciated.

Ms. Anderson reflects the best of Peak Gastroenterology and her dedication is to be commended. My wife and I thank you for having this outstanding member of your staff.


Patient 10 and Wife


Dear Dr. Krishnan,

I deeply appreciated it very much your seeing me and addressing my problem to help me get better.
No other doctor ever gave me any medication or follow up for my condition or treated me with any kindness or care.

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

Patient 11


Disclosure: This letter was written to the chief medical officer, Gil Porat, at Penrose Hospital, with a response from Dr. Porat.

Please convey my appreciation to Angela Coleman. Angela was so friendly and so caring. Angela made our appointment at Peak Gastroenterology Associates for patient 12 and helped us. Angela made the entire scheduling seem very easy for us. We really appreciated that.

Thank you,
Patient 12 and Wife

Response from Dr. Gil Porat, Chief Medical Officer of Penrose Hospital:

Great job! Shows that health care is not the equipment or building – health care is all about the people providing it – like you!

Gil Porat, CMO


Dear Dr. Krishnan,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how very much I appreciated members of your staff when I accompanied patient 13 for a recent appointment. Patient 13 had never undergone a colonoscopy. He wasn’t looking forward to it.

We walked into your office and were greeted by Dale at the front desk, who efficiently went through the paperwork. She then introduced us to a lovely young woman, Kendra, who is a student. She was so nice and immediately helped patient 13 feel comfortable. RN Amy Holtzen then came in and kindly explained what she was doing in order to prepare him for the colonoscopy.

After the procedure, CRNA Danny McCarty introduced himself and told us that he had given patient 13 the anesthesia. What a caring individual. He even called us the next day to see how patient 13 was doing. Then, you came in and introduced yourself. I can’t begin to tell you how very much I appreciated your taking the time to explain everything you did and what we could expect when we returned home.

Dr. Krishnan, I am an 85-year-old Military Widow whose husband fought three wars and served our country for thirty-three years. Thank God I have Tri-Care For Life in addition to my Medicare. While taking patient 13 to appointments, I have often noticed that people who are on Medicaid are not always treated with the kindness that I saw displayed at Peak Gastroenterology. You can be proud of everyone on your staff. Would you please thank Dale, Kendra, Amy, and Danny. Thank you, too, I am most grateful.


Person who accompanied Patient 13


I was very impressed with how skilled the staff was. The doctor was very professional & thorough with explaining everything, and the anesthesiologist & nurses, receptionist was great too! There was a little drama because one of the rooms went down with the computer system, but every staff person handled the situation perfectly!

Patient 14


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this email to let you know how WONDERFUL my recent experience was at Memorial North. The Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians were outstanding!!!!! I appreciate so much that Dr. Moats in the ER recognized that I needed to be admitted to receive the correct care in a timely manner. Dr. Moats then made sure that Dr. Harmon could check into my Gastrointestinal situation. Dr. Harmon then made sure I got the surgery I so badly needed by Dr. Hedges. All three of these Doctors are incredible!!! My treatment was superb.

Next – during my hospital stay, my OUTSTANDING nurses made all the difference. Each and every one of them was so special. I hope I am not forgetting anyone, but Hola (maybe spelled Ola), Radel, Carol and Nicole Harding made me feel comfortable and cared for. I felt as if I were the most important patient in the world. I spent the most time with Nicole Harding who, in my opinion, went above and beyond each and every time she cared for me. Nicole made sure that I knew exactly what to do and what to look for after my gallbladder removal surgery.

Who can forget the great Techs?!!! Oh my. Sometimes I had to call them to my room several times a night and they ALWAYS greeted me with a smile and some wonderful help!!!! The lady that took blood was always so gentle. I wish I had remembered to write their names down so that they could get the recognition they deserve. Some of the Techs in the other areas, I do remember. Hal was great at making me feel comfortable in the GI Lab. Tom was super with the MRI.

Last, but not least, my Nurse Eileen who was with me before my Gallbladder Surgery made that scary time a bit easier to deal with.

Thank you to all of the professionals that cared for me during my hospital stay, March 8th to March 12th, 2015. It was a wonderful experience. I am forever grateful.


Patient 15


Dr. Harmon recently treated one of my patients on the 10th floor at Penrose Main.
I wanted to thank him for his professionalism and wonderful bedside manner.
My patient also vocalized how impressed she was with his care.

Thank you!

Nurse from 10th Floor


Thanks Jessie, for checking me in and out. Thanks Megan for the clean bed. Thanks Amy for your care & checking up on me. Thanks Amy 2 for answering many questions. Thanks Annelise for keeping me safe. Thanks Jim for the milk of amnesia. Thanks Dr. Moore for skillful care. Thank you all for world class care!

I want to thank each of you for the excellent care I received Friday last. Clearly we aren’t in our best condition when we come in to see you, but your kindness, willingness to answer questions, and the outstanding care you provide, produces great results for your patients. I highly recommend your staff and clinic to anyone needing endoscopy care.

Patient 17


It's obvious that Dr. Krishnan has very high standards, because the personnel he has working with him reflect this. They were all just great!!

Patient 18


The Patient Representative Office received a call on February 10, 2016 from Patient 19 who wished to express her gratitude for the care services you provided. Patient 19 was a patient at Memorial Hospital from February 3 through 9, 2016. She stated that during your visit with her you provided excellent, professional services. You were a great listener and informative with regard to her care plan.

Thank you for providing such excellent care!


Paul Lara
Patient Representative
Office of Patient Experience


you so much for all your help and professionalism regarding my care. I appreciate the support, and you have a great staff as well.

Patient 20


I love everything you guys did for me. I love the doctor I have. The office is immaculate, so clean. People in the office are great. Great customer service.

Patient 21


Dear Jamie,

My sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness and advocacy! I feel I have a true partner and I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all your efforts on my behalf!

Warmest regards,
Patient 22


Dr. Rose,

Thank you for taking one of our patients this week who got confused on a re-scheduled procedure. We didn’t want to her have to prep all over again!


Practice Administrator for another practice



Thank you so much for your consideration and care.

Patient 24


Dear Beatrix,

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

Big hugs,

Patient 25



Just wanted to get you something to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work.
I know that you have many patients, but always seem to find time to make sure that I get everything
I need (which in my case can be extremely difficult).
Thanks for always listening and treating patient 26 and I more like family than patients. Relax and enjoy.

Husband of Patient 26


Dear Dr. B.C. Patel,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the noble and singular role you played in preserving my life. I am the Nigerian brought into Memorial Hospital on July 3rd and you wasted no time to start my treatment. I could have lost my life but for the efforts of you and your team. The nurses and other staff did put all their best in bringing me back to life. Your nurses were wonderful and contributed immensely in my being well. I must not fail to mention the name of Mary (RN) who really attended to me with her whole devotion.

I say to you again, “THANK YOU.”

Yours sincerely,
Patient 27


To Margaret Sabin, CEO
Penrose-St. Francis Health Services

Dear Margaret,

I simply had to write and tell you how very much I appreciate the wonderful staff at Peak Gastroenterology Associates. I have a friend who is a patient of Dr. Krishnan and has Ulcerative Colitis. He also has Parkinson’s Disease, so I take him to most of his appointments.

Dr. Krishnan is determined to get a clear colonoscopy so that he can make determination. My friend had his third colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago. It is difficult for my friend to understand details and Dr. Krishnan was so kind and understanding. You are fortunate to have him on your staff.

From the moment Kimberly greeted us at your lovely new location at 2920 Cascade, I was so impressed. She was very nice and helpful. Jane, Dr. Krishnan’s RN, has always been there when I have questions. Before, during, and after the procedure, Sharon, Joanne, Kayla, and Cathy were all wonderful.

Would you please thank everyone whom I have mentioned. I am deeply grateful. Best personal regards.


Friend of Patient 28


Dr. Pinto,

I have been a patient of yours for about 2 years and in that time you have advised and treated me for Hep C. Without your help and treatment, I know I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am today. Recently, as my Hep C treatment came to a close, you suggested that I get an endoscopy to ensure no further damage had been done to my stomach and throat. Dr. Krishnan performed the procedure and discovered that I had blood vessels in my esophagus that were close to rupturing.

I am writing to express my thanks to you, Dr. Krishnan, and all of your staff. Without the professionalism and attention to detail, this might have been over looked by another Dr. Not only do I owe you my life for curing me of Hep C, but now it seems you have helped me avert another deadly health issue. Health care professionals are always under appreciated and not thanked enough.

Thank you so much for helping me and allowing me to see my grandkids grow up. May you get all you deserve from Santa this year and years to come.

Very gratefully yours,

Patient 29


Dr. Krishnan and Jane,

You guys have been so good to me and if I have more trouble, I will be back. Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

As always,

Patient 30



wanted to thank you for all your help wading through my insurance issue for my Humira.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your help.
I was also able to get a discount card from Pharmacy Solutions that will cover all of my
out of pocket expense until I hit my insurance max copay.

Again, thank you.

Patient 31


Letter written to Penrose Hospital regarding Dr. Rose:

Very professional and kind. Very informational and sense of humor – Wonderful. Made me feel comfortable and important!

Thanks again.

Patient 32


I have had an excellent experience and I wanted to tell everyone so they can make a decision about the best gastroenterologist to call.

I have a history of colon cancer in my family and when it was time for my colonoscopy, I asked a friend, who is the vice president of a hospital, who he would call. Without hesitating, he said, “I would go to Dr. Prashant Krishnan with Peak Gastroenterology Associates in Colorado Springs. He does them all the time and he’s good at it.” So I made an appointment and I was so impressed the first time I met him. He was so confident and so funny. Then I made 3 appointments for CRH O’Regan System non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments. They were fast, painless, and Dr. Krishnan was awesome. Then I found out that he is the lead singer in a rock band. It doesn’t get any better than that! I will continue to see Dr. Krishnan for future procedures.


Patient 33


Dear Dr. Pinto and Cathy,

I’m sure you know patients are nervous with new conditions. I had prayed for:
1. A pleasant down to earth doctor
2. Excellent communication skills
3. Dedicated to excellence thru education
4. Feel comfortable

I ended up with that and so much more. A great sense of compassion, sense of humor, and generally an informative, easy appointment.
Thank you so much!

I also got to reunite with Cathy from previous years. She is an asset to any team. I’ve never dropped a thank you to a doctor before so it is sincere.

Patient 34


Dr. Bhamra,

You performed a procedure on my husband on May 10th, and we wish to thank you for its success. It was difficult and challenging due to the many past procedures he’d already experienced.

We appreciate your medical skills, professionalism, and your patient and family care. I really appreciated all of the info you shared with me following his procedure. I hope that you continue your work with Dr. Harmon. He’s also a superb physician!

God bless and take care.

Wife of Patient 35


Dear Dr. Krishnan,

Your letter addressed to me after my colonoscopy shows to me a man (doctor) compassionate and concerned for your patients. Thank you very much for this very meaningful letter re-explaining what you did on this procedure and your recommendation.

I followed your recommendation and I have been referred to have a body scan to see if the cancer has spread to other areas. I don’t think so, because the scan that Dr. Sridhar asked for showed the organs around it healthy.

I’ll have another scan on April 2nd at 10:45 am at Memorial (new building). You’re welcome to be present (the more the merrier). Again, thank you for your work and concern and care.

With gratitude and love,

Patient 36


Dear Brent Persons CRNA,

I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for me.
I know we haven’t been working with one another for very long, but I wanted you to know
that I respect you and your work, and I appreciate all you’ve done to help me thus far.
I don’t know if you hear thank you very often, maybe you do, but either way I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for helping me.


Patient 37


Dr. Harmon, Dr. Patel, Tara, Linda, Tabitha, Sarah, and Peak Staff:


I am so very grateful to have found you all to help me through this interesting diagnosis and treatment.
You all have shown such kindness and truly live up to the “Peak Gastro…All about you” philosophy.
You have gone above and beyond, and I am so confident I am in the best hands.

Linda!! Please hand these gift cards out to everyone who attempted to unclog me, and there are
2 more for Tara and Dr. Harmon. Enjoy.

(Apparently, your office coffee isn’t the best ha ha)

Patient 38


Dr. Prashant Krishnan,

Maybe you don’t remember me, but I’ll remember you always.
Update…since the colonoscopy you did for me, I had the mass of cancer removed on April 26th.
Apparently, it was successful and I won’t need chemo. However, Dr. Tiffany Willard (the surgeon)
recommended an oncologist specialist check on this. I told her I won’t take any radiation,
she said that things are different, and now I can take a pill (less aggressive).

I shouldn’t bother you (you’re very busy), but you were kind enough to send me a note wishing me
good health (no doctor has done this before). Therefore, my gratitude, thanks, and love for this gesture.
Thank you very much.

Patient 39


Hey Zari and Hey Anju,

I hope all is well. Thank you for helping me through all my hard times, of struggle,
of my birth defect, of missing digestive system problems with painful experiences.
I did not get on disability, yet I got on the correct medications now.
I am thankful to say thank you for being friends of mine. Have a good one!

Just sayin’ hello

Patient 40

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